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1st/2nd and 3rd Grade Rules

  • All players must be current members of US Lacrosse.
  • Each game is two 14 minute running time halfs with a 2 minute halftime managed through a central clock for all games. Games must start and end on-time. 
  • Two fields running sideways. Leave a 20 yard space between the fields (10 yards on either side of regular midfield line) for the team areas. Parent seating on the other sideline (the normal end lines). Cone will mark the bench sideline.
  • We will be playing 7v7 - 2 attack, 2 middies, 2 defenders, and 1 goalie.
  • 1 coach from each team is allowed on the field for instruction.
  • Referrees - there will be 1 paid referree for each 3rd grade game.   We will not have paid ref's for the 1/2 division.   We ask that the coaches officiate those games.
  • No man up / man down. If a foul occurs, send the player off the field for a replacement.
  • No long poles.
  • 1-Pass Rule:
  • Not "hot" off face off
  • One pass minimum originating on the offensive side of the field
  • If there is a turnover in the offensive side, then a recovery, ANOTHER pass must be made
  • Faceoffs - Face-offs will occur at the beginning of every quarter and after every goal. The exception to this is the Mercy Rule where the team behind may elect to receive the ball after a goal instead of facing off if the other team is leading by 6 or more goals (not applicable for face-offs that start every quarter). On the face-off, attackmen and defensemen must stand behind goal line extended. One midfielder is facing off, and the other is positioned on the face-off wing line (either side – coaches’ choice). Midfielders are released when the whistle is blown; attackmen and defensemen are not released until possession is indicated by the official. All players must play the ball before possession is gained. Once possession is gained, all normal body contact rules apply.